Blueprint Six

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In-depth fundamental analysis of any tradeable company in the stock market.  Save time and start investing now with BluePrint Six.

It takes a lot of commitment, time, and energy to follow any one company to understand the fundamental financial level for that business.  Sales, earnings, growth potential, assets, debt, management, products, and competition.  For any investors who would like to do a deep dive into a company's holdings and future potential, one would need the right tools to analyze and create estimated value for the asset.

With BluePrint Six, BullGap has compiled for each company the raw data necessary to create financial models to determine the intrinsic value for that company.

BluePrint Six analyzes a company's core fundamentals and provides you with six core metrics to determine when to buy and sell a stock.

BluePrint Six

Provides you all the key metrics in one dashboard view.  Here you have direct access to a company's income statements, cash flow, balance sheet, financial ratio, financial growth, earning, and computed intrinsic value.

Additionally, you get a summary view of the company.  At the Summary view, you get an overall profile for the company.  Market, industry sector, exchange, etc.  The summary view also includes the current Buy\Sell rating with the following six rating score.  The overall rating score for a company is computed with the below financial models.

Six Financial Models

Financial Model RatingDescription
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)This model projects the future cash flow and transforms them back to the present value using a weighted average of capital.
Debt to equity (D/E)The model compares the total liabilities and gross debt and measures it with the intrinsic value of the company.
Price to Earnings (P/E)Measuring the intrinsic value of a company by evaluating the current share price relative to its per-share-earnings (EPS).
Price to Book (P/B)Calculates a rating based on a company's balance sheet, income statements, and accumulated depreciation.
Return on Equity (ROE)Computes the performance over time by evaluating a company's income statements, balance sheet, etc, and the average shareholder's equity.
Return on Assets (ROA)A model that factors in a company's profits to its revenue.

Financial Modelling Buy Sell Signal

Summary View dashboard

Get a quick summary profile for every tradeable company in the stock market.  Also included is the stock chart for the company.

Financial Summary Dashboard

Data Exploration

Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, Key Metrics, Financial Ratio, Financial Growth, computed company value, and earnings are all available to you in a Pivot Table.

You can explore any part of the data.  Aggregate the data, create new computations on all aspects of a company's financial data.

Income Statements

Highly customizable data

Group, add, aggregate all financial data to suit your needs

Financial Add Fields Data Exploration

Customizable and scriptable data fields

Add your own calculated fields to find new insights.

Data Exploration Add Calculated Fields

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